At all our Original Tandoori Kitchen locations we have selected dishes that are most sumptuous, inspired by Great Indian Emperors and perfected by Royal Chefs of by-gone eras. The Moghal Kings who brought renaissance and enrichment to Indian culture, favoured the technique of cooking in a Tandoor clay oven. We adopted the original way of food preparation in all our restaurants.

The mode of cooking makes the difference! At the Original Tandoori Kitchens you will enjoy Tandoori cuisine that has special and distinctive flavours. We also offer a great selection of traditional curry and vegetarian dishes from authentic recipes originated in various parts of India, all freshly prepared daily. When you choose from our menu, you will experience a glimpse of heaven in an exotic atmosphere. We hope that the delight of this exquisite cuisine will find a place in your memory.

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Original Tandoori Kitchens Tandoori Oven


The Bowl, shown here on the left, is our trademark which symbolizes our signature dishes prepared in an original Tandoor oven, over 320C of bright red burning charcoal. Our specially marinated finest selection of lamb, fish, and chicken is cooked to perfection on skewers inside the Tandoor to enhance succulence, before it is then combined with our signature curries and sauces. The Tandoor also serves as a baking oven to make both Naans and Rotis baked vertically along the walls of the Tandoor in authentic old fashioned Indian style.


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Gluten Free


Many Original Tandoori Kitchen’s Menu items can be prepared gluten free